Online Team Building

Online Team Building is going to be a thing of the future long after quarantine life is a thing of the past. Improv Shows & Workshops provide a unique ability to bring your team together from around the globe by the convenience of ZOOM. These sessions deliver high impact results for less and will be a part of our world long after these times.


Our online rates are 50-60% less than in person base rate AND there are no additional fees for travel, event space etc.

  • 60-Minute Workshop $100 per teacher. (recommended 1:10 teacher student ratio, but can be stretched)
  • 45-Minute Show $400, four teaching artists. (Max capacity 90 guest via our ZOOM platform), Additional time to mingle before/after performance. (Up to 90 minutes in the room). regularly priced $800-1500
  • EMAIL for more questions or to begin booking process. Give us your preferred dates/times, number of participants expected and any pertinent info about your team.
Amelia, Walt, Samuel and Patrick welcome the team before splitting into breakout rooms for a mini workshop following a show.


We recommend limiting each session to an hour. Our in person workshops usually last 90-120 minutes, but we find the shorter session to be far more effective online. Now, in fact with many regular teams, rather than one annual big event at our theater, we meet monthly or quarterly online for the same overall cost to you.

In each session we simply play games. Improv games deliver much needed laughter while developing creativity, community, public speaking and self confidence. We use these games to train team building, leadership, sales and service. A more confident communicator becomes better at all of the above. We present our selves better and we learn to listen with our eyes, to best address our client and team needs.

We also teach you to use these games long after our sessions. You can play all these games for 2-5 minutes daily, or at least at the beginning of a weekly meeting. Setting the tone for a fun, safe workspace creates a collaborative & productive atmosphere.


Before march 2020 we never considered offering a show online and most of us never even heard of ZOOM. Now, 200+ online shows later, we have mastered the platform and ways to bring the artform simultaneously around the world.

Many would focus on the workshop element when it comes to team building budgets, however, the show serves to major factors: Much needed laughter, and a demonstration of the art form.

A workshop is great as a stand alone unit, but following a show is far more impactful. Simply seeing the talent of our artists get the respect and focus of your team. The laughter lowers the walls of resentment, insecurity, ego etc. We demonstrate comedy can be achieved without tearing another down, as well as the power of story.

“How do we use these games online?”

Since March 2020 alone, we have logged 200+ online shows and 1000s of hours of workshops and classes online. In September of 2020, Walt Frasier, artistic director of 8 Improv, published the book, IMPROV on ZOOM, codifying dozens of games that can be played via any online platform.

For the past decade, adjusting these games to virtual platforms was the number of question. Many of our NYC team building workshops were for teams meeting for training before returning to their home cities.

Remote work is going to be even more prevalent moving forward. The time and money saved by working from home can be capitalized in team building as well.

Evan and Pat perform with the help of two audience volunteers. The audience stops their vids and mutes their sound to allow the performers to take focus. We use chat function to interact behind the scenes, getting suggestions for skits and songs.