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Are you looking for an amazingly fun activity for your next corporate event, college campus programming, family gathering or K12 educational outreach?

Improv Comedy Shows & Workshops can make any event pop. Let us host at our Times Square/Hells Kitchen Theater in the heart of Manhattan or bring us to any venue in America.


Your team becomes part of the show. After warming up the crowd, our Master of Ceremonies interacts with the audience directly every 3-5 minutes to get suggestions for the next skit or song (Also called GAMES in Improv).

Many audience volunteers are invited on stage to help with HUMAN MAD LIBS (AKA Columns or Call ’ems), SOUND EFFECTS or FREEZE FRAME, directly impacting the comedy paths.

Even our shows are fun team building activities as everyone has at least a tiny bit of agency.


We can turn any venue into a comedy club. 8 Improv has rocked out Broadway-style stages around the country, as well as intimate salon style shows in corporate offices and private living rooms.

The show is arguably most at home in a 50-200 seat venue, matching the experience of our Times Square performances but no crowd is too small. This show has wowed audiences as small as four and as large as 1000+.

Timing is flexible as well. Our typical set is 45-75 minutes, but every thing we do is built upon 5-minute blocks (AKA Games). We can perform for 15-90 minutes.


Our shows are the water cooler talk for months and years after the events. We take the best of the high energy, fast paced short form theater sports games, without the cheese factor of a mock gameshow.

The beauty of Improv, businesswise, is its low overhead. For most shows, our only expenses are talent and travel. For salon performances (Less than 40 guests) we don’t even need amplification. We often drop by a conference room or small private space in your fave restaurant, singing with a Uke or guitar, with as few as three comics. We have even been a smash in private living rooms, or in the back yard.

Even at the other end of a spectrum, our main stage show features five performers able to fill a Broadway house without the expense of sets, costumes or props. We rock out with one of our own on piano. We only need the most basic sound and lighting support. Our “load in”, with sound check included, takes about 30 minutes. We usually grab 4-5 chairs from backstage. and that’s it.