To Whom It May Concern:

I've never dealt with such easygoing performers. I have been in charge of programming at our school and local library for 5 yrs or so and have met countless performance companies. MOST of the time, I spend the majority of my time making sure the performers are happy (the stage is to their liking, lighting is sufficient, they are feeling properly pampered, on an on).

So, I must say, dealing with a friendly theater company is a pleasure! I must have asked the guys 5x at least if there was ANYTHING I could do for them, and all I got was a No thank you, we're fine. WOW.

Everyone thought it was the best assembly we've ever had and for a small school we do a lot of assemblies.

Many teachers and staff are talking about going down to see the show in NYC.

Tara Cort

Germantown Central School, NY