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The cast of EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH and friends have been delivering Improv comedy laughs since 2002. Few remember we started out as a sketch comedy troupe that included interactive improv in the show. By early 2005 our live shows were 100% unscripted, but we continued our sketch roots online with the advent of YOUTUBE and other platforms.

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Our Highest Viewed Videos of ALL TIME

Above is our list of Videos based on most views. FYI Our original posting of SANTA GANGAN STYLE had half a million views when it got pulled. We assume due to copyright issues. We reposted on our Santa Channel and have since seen 400,000+ views. The video features Walt Frasier as Santa and four of our students, including Steven Prestia (The dancing Elf) and Brandon Ford (Morph Man #1), both of whom have become members of the professional company.


This list also includes our improvised short film, POOP The Movie, concept by its director, Evan Schultz. We raised $10K on Kickstarted to produce and excited to pay every performer involved for their work.

Politics Politics Politics

Videos by Students

We have included some videos by our students as well. This video form Walt Frasier’s Class at Queens Preparatory High School. Featuring future EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH Improv cast mate Brandon Ford!