Improv 4 Life: Put yourself in the director’s chair!

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Why Improv Comedy with Eight Is Never Enough?

Learning the skills in Improv helps you achieve your goals in life with win-win solutions.

  • Our #1 rule? “HAVE FUN but never at another’s expense.”
  • The #1 rule in Improv? “Yes! And…”
  • The #1 skill in Improv? “Listening!”

These three concepts focus every thing we do, presenting shows & classes to the public (at our Times Square theater, online and nationwide), corporate events (team building, leadership training, office/holiday parties) , college students and even K12 educational outreach!

We first focus on having fun!

If we are not having fun, it is just work, and who wants to do more work.

When we are having fun at work, at school and/or in our social lives, we can accomplish great things.

A little trick: Wake every morning determined to make the world a fun place for others. If you want the rest of the world to smile at you, lead by example.



In 2015, Google released the findings of their 4-year study into what makes a successful team. Project Aristotle found that the most consistent factor behind team success is Psychological Safety – meaning every member of that team feels safety to contribute and has a sense of value to the project. 

“YES!” is all about accepting your colleagues (as wells employees, bosses, neighbors, students, teachers etc) and their contributions to the team. We create a safe space – a level playing field for all. We accept our colleague 100% as is. EVERYTHING they say and do. We do not judge. We do not fear. We trust each other AND ourselves. 

“AND…” is all about contributing valuable work and information to the team. After accepting our colleagues’ work (“YES!”), we build and support with our own contributions.

Performance drive is not a selfish process. We have a collective ambition to grow and achieve together as a team. 


In order to engage in good, “YES! And…” practices, you have to listen.

Listen with your eyes. Focus. Stay present. Dig deeper.

Easier said than done? Perhaps.

Listening is a skill. It takes time to develop.

Simply playing Improv games helps develop listening skills.

Even watching an Improv Show, which requires a little more engagement by the audience than the typical entertainment, teaches listening.