Corporate Events

Corporate Events
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NOTE: Currently available for online shows & workshops. See you back in Times Square Soon. We are currently taking private event request IN PERSON for Summer 2021. OUTODDR event starting mid April.

  • Corporate Entertainment – Improv Shows for office parties, holiday gatherings, etc. We can host at our NYC theater or send our team to any venue.
  • Team Building – Shows & Workshops bring the team together while teaching valuable skills that better team dynamic, leadership, sales and customer service skills.
  • Role Playing – MOCK Court Room, Patients, etc.- Let our Improv players role play to give your doctors, lawyers and other professionals experience interacting with real life scenarios.
  • Publicity Stunts / Marketing Campaigns 
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Corporate Entertainment

Is it time for the holiday party again? Summer picnic? Starting a new division? Celebrating a successful project end?

We can host your team at our Times Square area theater. OR we can turn any venue into a comedy club. Whether at a VP’s house in Suffern, Conference room at a famous Children’s book publisher’s conference room, private room at The Palm, a banquet hall at the Hilton, retreats on Disney or IBM campuses, or full sized Broadway stages, this show engages your team and delivers a show they will be discussing for years!

Interactive Improv Comedy Shows are the perfect way to bring the team together in a low intensity setting. Let the pros lead the show, but we do get you and your team involved on stage and creating the show. Every game – improv term for skits and songs – is improvised based on suggestions for the audience. Every show is customized to your team simply because they tell us what do make funny about each time. You can give us some inside info, but it is rarely needed and often leads to a more contrived experience. Our MC will warm-up the crowd and get your team talking. Our team will watch and pick up on the cues.

Some of the games invite the audience on stage with us. Sound Effects entrusts the microphone(s) to your team mates to support our scenes with crazy, wild sounds. Columns, or Human Madlibs, lets your teammates provide words and phrases to “fill in the blanks”. Human Slide Show, AKA Freeze Frame, is a major audience favorite, using a number of volunteers to present a series of slides (Think Mannequin Challenge) while our comics narrate as a historical slide show, vacation photos, etc. Sometimes we share slides from YOUR last event, simply based on the location or type of event. Always a crowd please and great shots for your social media if that is a goal

Music is the perfect bookend. We try to open and close every show with a song. This gives the show some pop and show off the talent of these Broadway type voices. The music really gives the show a Time Square, NYC feel. Clap along to a rocking blues, travel to the pubs of Ireland with a Jig and sometimes we even present a full mock mini Broadway show based on a single word. Our favorite of all time was “THE EXORCISM OF LITTLE ORPHAN ANNIE” Fun times!

Team Building

Psychological Safety is the #1 determining factor in team success, according to 2015 findings of Project Aristotle, the four year study into teams by Google. Balanced with Performance Drive we enter the learning zone.

Simply playing Improv games teaches listening, focus and communication skills – both team and presentation. But mostly we learn self confidence which leads to empathy. Once you can leave ego and insecurity behind, we listen from a deeper place. We can engage our team mates in a more productive way. As leaders we can truly learn what our teams need form us to succeed. As sales reps and customer service we learn to best serve our clients needs far beyond any “proven” script.

Improv teaches us to build relationships that can grow and foster amazing results.

In a single team building session your team will be introduced to these concepts and learn a number of games. These games can be played at your meetings for years to come.