ON THE SPOT LIVE – Monday May 18 Improv meets Cabaret

ON THE SPOT features many current and former members of EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH. Check out their upcoming show online May 18. You can even watch here in the window above or watch via youtube directly.

To our fans and students under 18yo and their parents
These shows are not family friendly

Watch the new online series, OTS Minis

OTS Producer/Creator Nathan Armstrong is teaching a class

Audition Coaching with Nathan Armstrong

Tuesdays 1pm EST

Working on a new song or monologue?
Need help picking out new repertoire?
Need to work out the performance muscles?

This class is for you!

About this Event

$75/Four Weeks plus 10-minute private coaching session)
Also available for individual/private Classes!

  • Song/Monologue Selection
  • Audition Coaching
  • Performance Styling

Nathan has been acting professionally in Los Angeles and New York for over a decade, with productions ranging from the California tour of “Phantom” to the current run of “LMAO Off-Broadway”. He is the current executive producer of the Off-Broadway show “On the Spot” which has been running for more than five years, featuring Broadway stars including Rachel Potter, Christine Dwyer, Marty Thomas, Matt DeAngeles, and Kersten Anderson. He has directed productions of “A New Brain”, “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown”, “Peter Pan” and “Guys and Dolls”, as well as helped produce events for the Orleans in Las Vegas, the Los Angeles County Fair, the Hilton Hawaiin Village and the Sheridan Waikiki.

Nathan can bee seen regularly performing online and off-Broadway with the cast of EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH.

Team Building and Community Give Back in One Swoop

Is your team in need of some much needed laughs?
We are now booking online shows for private events for just $200.
(Reg $800-5000 for live corporate/private events nationwide)

AND, for every show you book, we will donate a show to a K12 school or community center of your choosing, or we can pair you with one of our 100s of K12 partners in the New York City area and beyond.

Team Building and Community Give Back in One Swoop

Help us create work for amazing artists and deliver much needed laughs to kids across America!

Every show includes 45-minutes of interactive games – songs and sketches improvised based on audience suggestions and participation.

Before & after the show, we invite all to join us in a meet & greet with the cast – perhaps, share a toast to health.

During the show, set ZOOM controls to STOP VIDEO and MUTE, but use the CHAT function to provide suggestions (Ask Fors…) for the cast.

Corporate Workshops

We have presents 100s of team building sessions for international and local firms. Improv Comedy gets the team laughing together while teaching better listening, focus, self confidence and public speaking. Building team communications and empathy leads to Psychological Safety, the #1 factor in team success.


The New York team is home based at the Broadway Comedy Club, 318 West 53rd Street (Close to Times Square and Columbus Circle Subways) and offers a variety of options for shows, workshops and catering. This team currently services events in Washington DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Boston MA and as far east as Pittsburgh PA on a regular basis. In the past 15 years, clients include teams from HSBC, Macy’s, 360i, JP Morgan Chase, IBM, Morgan Stanley, Master Card, American Express, NYC Schools (DOE VENDOR), Microsoft/BING, Twitter, Louis Vuitton, Coach, Home Depot, Enrst & Young, GM, KRAFT, UBS, UNILEAVER, HBO,  and 100s more…


In 2015, Google released the findings of their 4-year study into what makes a successful team. Project Aristotle found that the most consistent factor behind team success is Psychological Safety – meaning every member of that team feels safety to contribute and has a sense of value to the project.

“YES!” is all about accepting your colleagues and their contributions to the team. We create a safe space and level playing field for all. We accept our colleague 100% as is. EVERYTHING they say and do. We do not judge. We do not fear. We trust each other AND ourselves.

“AND…” is all about contributing valuable work and information to the team. We are going to take this to the next level by accepting our colleagues’ work, building upon with our own contributions. Performance drive is not a selfish process. We have a collective ambition to grow and achieve together as a team.

When the whole team embraces “YES! And…” we enter the learning zone together. No challenge is insurmountable when we work together in a supportive exchange of ideas and actions.

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