Stand-Up Comedy: Easy 4-Step Guide to Writing and Performing Original Comedy Routines (Now Available on Kindle)

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EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH Artistic Director, Walt Frasier, has transcribed his Stand-Up Comedy course into a new text book. Dedicated to his students and all lovers of comedy. this book takes you from zero to five minute routine in four easy steps. Also learn about getting stage to you need to develop as a comic.

Stand-Up Comedy

Featuring a FORWARD by the funniest kid in America

I wasn’t born a comedian. Though I spent many of my 13 years on this planet trying to find where I fit in, I don’t want this to sound like a cheesy finding-my-place story; so I’m just going to tell it like it is. I tried everything before comedy (yes, everything). I did violin, guitar, sewing, singing, robotics, taekwondo, tennis, and even soccer for a hot minute. But everything I did, I got bored of. I didn’t want to practice chords or kicking with the inside of my foot. You can probably imagine this wasn’t making my parents too happy; honestly, they were getting pretty desperate, and my dad didn’t want to waste any more money on weekend activities. So, in the last week of one long summer, my mom had run out of options for me. Instead of keeping me at home for a week of relaxation like I wanted, she stuck me in the basement of The Broadway Comedy Club in Walt Frasier’s improv/standup camp Improv4Kids.  Walt’s camp was the only one still open that late in August. Keep in mind, I was about eleven, and there was a bar right down the hall. And yet that’s when it happened; in that one week alone, my yearning for performance could not be satisfied in five days; and, lucky me, there were Saturday and Sunday comedy classes that started in the fall, so I immediately knew where I would be every weekend.

Being in Walt’s class, you never know what to expect, never know what games you’re going to play, or even when you’re going to crack your next joke. The most important thing you have to do, or bring, rather, is your energy (never leave that at home). Energy is key when it comes to improv; without it, scenes fall flat, and they’re not as structured or fun as they could be. The thing about class with Walt is no one is ever pressured to perform at all. You’re never pulled up on stage or forced to be in a game; there’s free choice for everyone to do what makes them feel comfortable. I never felt like I had to be anyone/anything because performance is about finding yourself and your style…then run with it! If anything, you have to be more of YOURSELF.

Walt has a tendency to ramble a bit, but when he does, most of the stuff he says can be super crucial to perfecting your craft. For example, every morning, Walt tells us to smile. Not only does it wake your body up by stretching your face around, but chances are fake smiling might make you “real” smile. Being in a better mood will 100% boost your energy, which you know you need in order to be at your best. To quote one of my favorite Walt mottos, “Treat every rehearsal like a performance and every performance like a rehearsal.” In other words, bring confident energy to rehearsals and your playful spirit and ease to performances.

Unfortunately, I’ve come to the end of this Forward…I know, I know, I’d love me to write forever, too, but to finish I thought I’d add why you should read this book. I can tell you, it’s jam packed with great advice on how to critique and better yourself (in terms of performance) that I hope will inspire you to step out of your comfort zone, help you to get just one more laugh, or maybe even make you chuckle at some of the stories.

(If you’re still here, after this Forward thing, thank you!)

–Carolyn White

(An 8th grader living in Manhattan, Carolyn is the Winner of Kenan Thompson’s Ultimate Comedy Experience 2019— “Funniest Kid in America”)

Stand-Up Comedy

FALL 2020 CLASSES for Kids & Teens #improvcomedy #nyc

COMEDY 4 KIDS/TEENS – Here is the full weekly schedule for September 12-October 31. CLICK HERE to pay $200 and get unlimited access to all of the below sessions. Or click links below to register for individual sessions.

  • Saturdays 9:30am ALL Kids/Teens In Person in Central park with Andrea CLICK HERE to register for IN PERSON ONLY
  • Saturdays 12p COMEDY 4 TEENS 12-16 with Walter
  • Saturdays 1:15p COMEDY 4 KIDS 7-12 with Walter
  • Sundays 12:30p Musical Comedy with Ryan ALL Kids/Teens
  • Sundays 3p PROFESSIONAL SHOW Fun for the whole family Hosted by Walt Frasier
  • Sundays 5p Improv 4 Kids with Andrea
  • Sundays 6p Improv 4 Teens with Andrea
  • Mondays 6:30p Improv Jam ALL AGES Kids/Teens with Walter
  • Tuesdays 6:30p ALL AGES Kids/Teens Stand-Up Open Mic Comedy with Walter
  • Wednesdays 6:30p ALL AGES Kids/teens Improv technique with Sam
  • Thursday 8p PROFESSIONAL SHOW Hosted by Sam (PG 13 recommended for teens and older)

That’s right we are back in Central park Saturdays 9:30am CLICK HERE to register for IN PERSON Only $40/class

Walt Frasier

Artistic Director Piano, MC, TeacherEIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH Cast Member since 2002

TV credits: Billions 4.10 (2019 CBS), Friends of the People (TruTV), Blue Bloods (CBS) Royal Pains (USA), Lilyhammer (NETFLIX), Naked Brothers Band (NICK), Fat Pants (Dr. Oz Promo), Late Night with David Letterman (9 eps), Hair Trauma (2 eps, WE), Stankervision (MTV2). International credits in Theater and Music – LMAO Off Broadway (Improv Comedy), Scarlet Pimpernel (2nd Nat’l), Fiddler (gateway Playhouse), Amalfi Opera Festival, NYC Fringe), Fave Roles – Rodolfo (La Boheme), Harold Hill (Music Man), Prince Karl (Student Prince), Frederic (Pirates of Penzance) and dozens more.

Walter is a New Yorker since 1997, but grew up in Maryland, getting his theatrical start in Washington DC area (Montgomery College, Catholic UA and regional theaters). If you have called to book a gig or group sales you most likely talked with this guy. Walter has been performing Improv Comedy for kids & teens since 2003. In 2009 he was named Director of Instruction for the Comedy Hall of Fame, developing their programs for NYC schools. In 2011 he opened his own school. Walter currently works all over the NYC area, including in residencies via Arts Horizon. Now his students are winning competitions, getting recognized by Kenan Thompson as America’s funniest kids. One student even appeared on Aziz Ansari’s MASTER OF NONE on Netflix.

Also a corporate team building specialist, Walter uses these same comedy games to teach Leadership, Team, Sales and Customer Service. Corporate Clients include JP Morgan Chase, UBS, Ernst & Young, Morgan Stanley, NY Life, Coach, Louis Vuitton, HBO, Twitter, Home Depot, Milbank and 100s more.

Beyond the brag-able credits, it is Walt Frasier’s goal to create laughs and teach other to spread his positive message. Start every day with a smile. Want others to smile at you? LEAD BY EXAMPLE!!!

Andrea Hernandez Mieres

MC, Movement/Dance specialist, Improv

Andrea is a Mexican & Spanish singer, actress and dancer. Originally from Mexico City where she debuted professionally on the Musical Theater scene in the Mexican Broadway versions of The Fiddler on the Roof and The Scarlet Pimpernel. Recent AMDA NY graduate, Andrea is venturing on the New York City scene. Andrea has been with EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH Improv since early 2019. She appeared in our Holiday Show, Santa’s Sing Along Adventure, as a singing and dancing Elf.

Samuel Van Wyk

MC, Teacher, Corporate Teambuilding Member since 2017

Sam is an actor/improvisor based in New York City. As an improviser, Samuel has performed for thousands of students and adults. He has also lead Improvisational workshops for all ages from kindergarten students to senior executives and everything in between. Samuel has lead workshops on the benefit of improv in a business setting for professionals in the education and medical field as well as corporate clients like IBM, Bing, and JP Morgan.
As an actor, Samuel works in TV, Film, and Theatre. Samuel has appeared in such TV shows as Evil Talks, Diabolical, and Mysteries at the Museum. Favorite stage roles include Malcolm (The Full Monty), Hal (Proof),
and Snoopy (You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown!).


MC, Musical Theater Specialist, Teachers, Piano, Member since 2018

Ryan would like to believe you are laughing WITH him, not AT him. Ryan is an actors, singer, dancer, writer, noodle hailing from upstate NY. He is also a recent graduate of NYU Tisch (Experimental Theatre Wing/New Studio on Broadway). Besides working his first ever improv job with Eight is Never Enough, Ryan loves bringing new works to life (so you won’t know any of his recent credits until they hit that good good Broadway transfer). Right before the quarantine life started, Ryan was cast in a new Off Broadway run of Naked Boys Singing. Critics have called him a “vocal powerhouse,” a “laugh riot,” and a “person.” Armed with a fast paced walk, and his home-made cold brew, he’s ready to take the world by storm!

ONLINE Private Events for Corporate Teams, Family and more

We have been offering online shows since March. The first few shows were interesting, but by the end of April, we had figured out how to change our favorite games, and develop a few new one, to deliver the much needed laughs and bonding experiences for corporate teams and family get-togethers. EMAIL for dates & rates to book a show or workshop. Check the menu above for public options for kids, teens and adults.

In the past five months we have done shows for companies like Milbank, NY Life, Datadog and many smaller firms around the country. We have also performed for a number of schools and camp and even a few private evens for families looking to get together for some laughs. Past clients include Twitter, Home Depot, Louis Vuitton, JP Morgan,

We will host your group on one of our ZOOM platforms, up to 90 guests can log on at once. The zoom room will be available 15 minutes before show time for folks to say hello, and will remain open for socializing after the show.


The show itself is comprised of original skits and songs improvised based on audience suggestions. A few games get the guests involved directly. FOUR SQUARE as seen above, we actually let a guests join the pros is performing some mini scenes.

NEW GAMES Invented for ZOOM

WAIT WHAT REALLY HAPPENED WAS…. I a new classic, invented by one of our 11yo students in April during one of our public classes. The rough idea of a new game was perfected when the cast tried it in a show. Now it is a regular, alternating with classics like World’s Worst and Objections. Also a great game in workshops to break the ice in a ZOOM classroom.

We have also tailored such games as HITCHHIKING EMOTIONS into EMOTIONAL ZOOM MEETING. The new game COFFEE SHOP or OPEN MIC parodies small shows in Greenwich Village and gives the full cast a chance to feature some solo work offering funny songs, slam poetry and more as bizarre local characters trying to break into the entertainment business.

ON THE SPOT LIVE – Monday May 18 Improv meets Cabaret

ON THE SPOT features many current and former members of EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH. Check out their upcoming show online May 18. You can even watch here in the window above or watch via youtube directly.

To our fans and students under 18yo and their parents
These shows are not family friendly

Watch the new online series, OTS Minis

OTS Producer/Creator Nathan Armstrong is teaching a class

Audition Coaching with Nathan Armstrong

Tuesdays 1pm EST

Working on a new song or monologue?
Need help picking out new repertoire?
Need to work out the performance muscles?

This class is for you!

About this Event

$75/Four Weeks plus 10-minute private coaching session)
Also available for individual/private Classes!

  • Song/Monologue Selection
  • Audition Coaching
  • Performance Styling

Nathan has been acting professionally in Los Angeles and New York for over a decade, with productions ranging from the California tour of “Phantom” to the current run of “LMAO Off-Broadway”. He is the current executive producer of the Off-Broadway show “On the Spot” which has been running for more than five years, featuring Broadway stars including Rachel Potter, Christine Dwyer, Marty Thomas, Matt DeAngeles, and Kersten Anderson. He has directed productions of “A New Brain”, “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown”, “Peter Pan” and “Guys and Dolls”, as well as helped produce events for the Orleans in Las Vegas, the Los Angeles County Fair, the Hilton Hawaiin Village and the Sheridan Waikiki.

Nathan can bee seen regularly performing online and off-Broadway with the cast of EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH.

Thursdays 8pm Live Improv Comedy Online – Come be a part of the show!

Join us Thursdays at 8 for our weekly showcase of professional artists improvising music and skit based on audience suggestions and participation. This show has played in Times Square since 2002. These shows are appropriate for teens & older.

The professional cast is hosted by Walt Frasier (Billions, Blue Bloods, Friends of the People, Letterman, etc). Frasier co-founded the show in 2002. Since then EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH has entertained 6500+ audiences in Times Square and touring nationwide to colleges, corporate events and even K12 schools. (See full bio below)

PS We are paying the artists for every show, so PLEASE help us out. You can watch the shows for free but if you have the means, select the $5 option OR the $20 VIP experience. CLICK HERE to register!

OR Support these artists by self enriching yourself and take a class.

THANK YOU in advance for helping us create paid for for these amazing artists. The entertainment business is virtually dead until further notice in New York City. Broadway just announced it is shut down through September 1. Most of the professional arts were bragging about making a living solely as performers just a few weeks ago. We have no idea when NYC will be back to anything resembling normal. But we want to keep as many artists working as possible AND delivering the much needed laughs!


Drop by at $25/class, $75/four week session includes additional private coaching. We combine Improv and Stand-Up comedy to maximize training in performance, creative writing and critical thinking as well as public speaking, social skills, team skills and self confidence.

Other Performance Classes Online

  • Musical Theater Singing Class with Ryan Hudzik Wednesdays 7pm –
    Song/Rep Selection, Performance, Audition Coaching Also available for private sessions to develop your instrument. Ryan regularly performs with 8improv. Available for private coaching.