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OUR MISSION: Presenting interactive Shows & Workshops teaching creative writing, public speaking and self confidence while delivering much needed laughter.

  • Fun for the Whole Family! All ages welcome. See you back in Times Square Soon!!!!!
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  • EMAIL NOW FOR MORE INFORMATION We now offer private shows ($200) & workshops ($75/hour/teacher) online for schools, camps and community centers. Fun for birthday parties too! In School and After School Online Residencies ($400/EIGHT 45-60 minute sessions). Ask about our shows & workshops for teachers – Professional Development. We look forward to returning to your facilities and hosting field trips to our NYC theater ASAP!!!

Improv 4 Kids is the only NYC-based short form professional improv
troupe and show designed exclusively JUST for KIDS!

Improv 4 Kids performed its first K12 school show in Farmington, Connecticut in 2003, made it’s off-Broadway debut at the Lambs Theatre in New York City in 2005 and in 2007 Improv 4 Kids became the official outreach program at the NY Laugh Factory where it was featured on ABC news. In the past 18 years, the show has performed for 5000+audiences in Times Square (public shows, field trips) and touring nationwide to theaters, schools, camps and community centers.


Whether it’s through our improv workshops or live performances, The benefits of laughter are numerous!

Interested in learning more about the art of improvisation?

Click here to visit our Study Guides and Glossary of improvisational
theatre terms!

For educators – Visit our study guides

Some of the places and events  where Improv 4 Kids has
performed in recent years: 

100s of K12 Schools in the NYC Area, The Long Wharf Theatre CT, Bay Street Theatre at SAG Harbor,  The National Smithsonian DC, Fort Dix Military Base NJ, Ohio National Guard, Wolf Trap in the Park, First Night Winchester, First Night Haddenfeild, Cherry Point Marine Corp, First Night Binghamton. numerous JCCs, YMCAs, Libraries etc

Improv 4 Kids also tours the country, performing for school assemblies, military bases, regional theatres, libraries, camps, charity fundraisers, festivals and special events.

Improv 4 Kids doesn’t simply entertain kids- it engages them. Kids learn
and participate in comedy arts through improvisation, music,
storytelling, dance, pantomime and theatre. Improv 4 Kids uproarious
show channels, inspires and rewards creative energy through
interactive comedy – so round up the kids and let the fun begin!


Whether performing for assemblies at K-12 schools, afterschool programs, community events, camps or even Broadway-style theatres, IMPROV 4 KIDS offers fun, educational and exciting programming for the whole family. Many audience members are invited to participate on stage while the entire audience is active in various sing-alongs and providing suggestions for skits, songs and dances created on the spot. Every few minutes the audiences is prompted to give new ideas to the actors.  The cast introduces young audiences to various performance art forms through the parodies of Shakespeare, Hip Hop, Modern Dance, Mime, Opera, Broadway, Madrigal and Jazz. Students learn to explore the limits of imagination as the actors perform original characters, stories and spontaneously created dialogue.

– Outreach Overview
– Core Curriculum
– Scientific Benifits of Laughter


Psychological Safety is the #1 factor in team success!

In 2015, Google released the findings of their 4-year study into what makes a successful team. Project Aristotle found that the most consistent factor behind team success is Psychological Safety – meaning every member of that team feels safety to contribute and has a sense of value to the project.

“YES!” is all about accepting your colleagues and their contributions to the team. We create a safe space and level playing field for all. We accept our colleague 100% as is. EVERYTHING they say and do. We do not judge. We do not fear. We trust each other AND ourselves.

Corporate team Building for BING, JP Morgan Chase, and BDO.

“AND…” is all about contributing valuable work and information to the team. We are going to take this to the next level by accepting our colleagues’ work, building upon with our own contributions. Performance drive is not a selfish process. We have a collective ambition to grow and achieve together as a team.

When the whole team embraces “YES! And…” we enter the learning zone together. No challenge is insurmountable when we work together in a supportive exchange of ideas and actions.

EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH Improv corporate clients include JP Morgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, Twitter, BING/Microsoft, BAML, Home Depot, Ernst & Young, Louis Vuitton, Coach, UBS, BDO, AMEX, Master Card, Datadog, NY Life, Accenture, Macy’s, 360i, IBM, GM, KRAFT, UNILEAVER, HBO,  and 100s more…

Over the past eighteen years, EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH Artistic Director, Walt Frasier has worked with hundreds of corporate teams as well as teachers and K12 school children, using Improv comedy to teach team building, leadership, sales and service skills. Since March 2020 Frasier and his team deliver online shows & classes.

Other credits include TV (Billions, Friends of the People, Royal Pains, Blue Bloods, Letterman, MTV, NICK, WE), Commercials and international credits in theater, comedy and music.

Corporate Entertainment -Interactive Shows

Now more than ever we need laughter in our lives. This is perhaps most true at the office, especially now that the office now means your house or apartment. It is harder than ever to bring the team together. We recommend starting with a show.

Improv Comedy Shows are perfect for holiday parties or just getting the team together to play and laugh. For the past 18 years we hosted events at our Times Square theater(s) and traveled nationwide as far as Orlando, Maine and Nebraska. Since March 2020 we have been working with teams around the world via ZOOM, including Australia, Germany, India, UK, Canada and all over the United States.

Online Improv Comedy Show Package

  • We will host your team of up to 90 on our ZOOM platform.
  • We invite your team on up to 15 minutes before show time.
  • Show online runs 45-50 minutes. The cast creates original skits and songs improvised based on your team’s suggestions. Many games invite your team mates to participate directly with the professional cast.
  • We will leave the room open after the show for another 15 minutes to interact with your team. (We can negotiate longer times for meetings or add on a team building workshop)
  • EMAIL Walter now to book an online show for your team for just $350!

Recent clients online include Milbank, Accenture, NYC Teachers, NY Life, Datadog, and numerous smaller firms. Past clients include JP Morgan Chase, Morgan Stanley, Twitter, BING/Microsoft, BAML, Home Depot, Ernst & Young, Louis Vuitton, Coach, UBS, BDO, AMEX, Master Card,  Macy’s, 360i, IBM, GM, KRAFT, UNILEAVER, HBO,  and 100s more… CLICK HERE to read our philosophy behind using Improv to teach team building

Saturday September 12, 2020 Shows & Classes

Saturday September 12, 2020 Shows & Classes

This class is designed to go past improv basics. Through different drills, exercises and games, we’ll strengthen your improv skills. We’ll focus on improv techniques that will help you build richer characters, make stronger initiations, and raise the stakes of your scene work by making more dynamic choices. If you have fun and want to sign up for more. CLICK HERE to register for SIX week course that starts 9/19. $125 for six classes plus showcase. $200 get unlimited drop in to all our adult classes for the next eight weeks.

We are bringing back our comprehensive 8-week program online. We start each day with a warm-up developing story telling and performance skills. Then play some Improv Comedy Games. Every class will include a mini open mic where students develop original stand-up comedy comedy routines based on personal stories of experience and observation. No experience necessary. CLICK HERE to Register. $200 includes EIGHT 90-minute classes plus unlimited access to drop in shows and classes though 10/31.

RAIN OR SHINE: Nice days we hang by the Fountain. If it rains we escape under the Bethesda terrace overpass. Andrea will lead Improv warm up (ZIP ZAP ZUP is back!), and more at 9:30am. 10-11pm master class in performance games. At 10am playing large group games. At 10:30 each week playing a different scene game (switch, columns etc) We welcome students to continue after 11am but we will not have supervision present at that time.

Please bring water and hand sanitizer. It could be hot, but hopefully, working in the morning will beat the worst.

CLICK HERE: $40 to drop in but just $200 for unlimited access to in person AND online classes for kids and teens.

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Ryan Hudzik Teaches Musical Theater Online Classes


Ryan Hudzik brings a life time of musical training and performance into every class, marrying the artistic with the science of vocal production to create a strong healthy instrument that delivers warm expressive musicality.

Every week will include a check in with your body and voice, a warm up and an musical exploration. Bring your favorites songs or Ryan will help select
into the music you were born to sing.

For professional singers and/or those with big aspirations Ryan will help demystify the audition book.

For those just looking to create beauty, or even just rock out your next karaoke night, Ryan is here for you too.

$125 includes six classes weekly starting Wednesday September 15, 2020.


$200 includes UNLIMITED access to classes and shows through October 31


  • Movement with Andrea
  • Audition Technique with Nathan


The all professional cast of EIGHT IS NEVER ENOUGH presents hilarious interactive musical comedy improvised based on audience suggestions and participation. We recreate the club magic on ZOOM with high energy.

  • THURSDAYS 8pm LMAO Off Broadway (PG13 Comedy) Hosted by Sam
  • SATURDAYS 8pm Absent Minded Comedy (Uncensored)
  • SUNDAYS 3pm Fun for the whole family! (AKA Improv 4 Kids)
  • Register for free! (Or help us pay these amazing professional artists)
  • No two drink minimum, but we turn any room of yours into a comedy club